Ibis business intuition: The Gold-Coast-tourism-industry-knows-construction-noise-is-what-tourists-want

8 Aug

Pets the Gold Coast’s new status symbol. Hale the mmfff brhhfffers

6 Jul


The Parky Warky Show. Election Loser, Tony Ibbitt

7 Sep

Ibis lovers

4 Apr



Dirty Ibis Bin Chicken MyHealth Optout drone

25 Dec

In this episode of Mozart and Coltrane Dirty Ibis. The two bin chickens talk at Ibis Island, Beenleigh about the myhealth optout. Mozart has more concerns about privacy than Coltrane. Coltrane doesn’t even seem bothered about the government drone that is hovering around his head constantly. But there are some incidents in his life that he would prefer to keep private.


Bin Chicken Cooking Show with celebrity ibis chefs Mozart and Coltrane

15 Aug

A lot of people have asked us please show us how to cook the delicious food that you eat. Often we will be picnicking in the park and people will just come up to us waving their arms because of the delicious smells of rotten meat and vegetables and bin juice that are coming from our picnic.
So we decided it was time to let the Gold Coast public know and all our friends in Sufferers Paracite one of favourite recipes.
First of all you need to go and buy the rottenest ingredients, shop around as there are lots of places in Sufferers Paracite where you can get hold of some really rotten stuff.
Then you just need a fry pan and some meat cleavers and wooden spoons.
Its quick delicious and lots of fun to clean up afterwards so enjoy.


Mozart and Coltrane, the Dirty Ibis duo from Gold Coast, are ecstatic. After 400-years, rare White Australian Ibis relatives return to European skies

20 Jul



Photo by WALDRAPPTEAM excerpts from story by Christian Schwagerl – A tiny remnant of Waldrapp or Northern Bald Ibis population in Syria, numbering seven individuals, was discovered in 2002. But that population dwindled to a single bird in 2014, and an expert on the northern bald ibis in the Middle East says the bird is now extinct in Syria, with the civil war acting as “the classic straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“Ibis again are the innocent victims. This time of war in Syria. That’s why wars should be banned,” says Mozart.

“The people who start wars should be shot,” says Coltrane.

Now, however, several northern bald ibis reintroduction projects are underway, which explains why the waldrapp (Geronticus eremita) can once again be seen flying at the northern fringe of the Alps — a habitat it last occupied nearly 400 years ago.

See full story here


No more room for jail tats on ibis inmates

9 Jun



Ibis version of Cosmic Psychos song. “There’s more to me than bins and dumps, I’ll come back to yours and check your lawn for grubs”

26 Jan

Over zealous North Kirra news reader Nee Hi Lo introduces PDRNK Great Ibis Leader Ken Bong On to announce glorious plan to save Great Barrier Reef

7 Dec