Don’t feed the ibis (More injustice than Kony)

13 Apr

Dont feed the ibis

Press the orange play button to listen. In this episode Mozart and Coltrane discuss the monotonous game of charades they play, when they pretend to scavenge on the lawn before they jump on the bins. Their ruminations end in Mozart revealing he has learnt how to read. He offends Coltrane when he reads the “Don’t feed the Ibis” sign. Coltrane protests what he believes is a crime bigger than Koni.
If you want to stop the persecution of ibis please share this link with your friends. This is bigger than Kony or Gangnam Style ever was.
Forget Kony. Show your support to Mozart and Coltrane – make the stigma and discrimination end. Just have a look at this website and you will see the institutionalised oppression that the ibis on the Gold Coast face.


One Response to “Don’t feed the ibis (More injustice than Kony)”

  1. Kerryn April 28, 2013 at 12:16 am #

    Queensland is always one better and bigger than the rest of us ! 🙂 and looks like they’ve got bigger problems too? The rest of Australia have problems with seagulls but looks like Queensland’s got bigger seagulls ! ha ha :)) Well done guys! The message is very clear – move out of the GC and let the Ibises have it!

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