Ibis botch election rebuttal against Ibitt, shit on wrong car

8 Sep

BIRD party ibis, Mozart and Coltrane, have blamed bad aim for splattering the wrong car in a high flying salute to Tony Abbott following their party’s defeat in the election

Two Gold Coast Ibis birds have sprayed a random car with white bird faeces in a botched attempt to send an election defeat message to Tony Ibitt.

Gold Coast resident Mic Smith, who owns the car, says he parked at the Southport Spit and must have been surfing at Straddy when the two ibis, who are members of the Bald Ibis Retribution Democrats (BIRD party), sprayed his car.

“They obviously got it mixed up with Tony Ibitt’s car. He drives a Ford Festiva too doesn’t he and he rides a long board.”

“We want to show our disgust about the lack of humanity of the Coalition’s 6 point “Stop the bird” policy, BIRD Party founders Mozart and Coltrane have said in a press release.

Ibis have a right to migrate, the politically active ibis said adding they still hope to be Queensland senators and are inspired by Clive Palmer.

The BIRD Party will give their election defeat speech at the breakfast buffet at Surfers Paradise SLSC this week


2 Responses to “Ibis botch election rebuttal against Ibitt, shit on wrong car”

  1. Kerryn September 10, 2013 at 3:42 am #

    Commiserations BIRD party but the other party had to go! I don’t like his budgie smuggling but Tony’s a good bloke , especially for a politician. He keeps his speeches to the point, even if his sentences are only 3 words long! At least we get the message!

  2. Kerryn September 10, 2013 at 3:44 am #

    Would you want mass migration of these birds if this is what they do to us!? And that’s exactly what they will do if we let them in en masse!

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