130x75mm sticker (2)The original ibis comedy site since 2011, the Mozart and Coltrane (Dirty Ibis) website is the work of Mic Smith (Mozart) and Mark Silburn (Coltrane), two Gold Coast guys who like to dress up like ibis.

We know it’s easy to joke about ibis as dump ducks or tip turkeys but we hope Mozart and Coltrane can raise awareness of the conservation issues that Australian White Ibis face.

And not just ibis but all the wild species who inhabit spaces shared by humans. All too often wild species (for example butcher birds sharks, koalas and migratory waders) are confronted by humans in shared spaces and impacted negatively.

As the resilient ibis Mozart and Coltrane have proven, managed properly with a little help from everyone these shared spaces can be a safe place for all.

census screensave

Mic is an environmental journalist who has several published ibis conservation stories under his belt as well as enviro stories from Australia, Vietnam and South Africa. See micsmithgeographic.wordpress.com

Mark works in advertising and plays the saxophone in Gold Coast jazz band The Living Room.

More about ibis

Brizzos and Gold Coasters know ibis well as Ibis are everywhere that humans eat al fresco.

They also love bins, scraps and dumps. As comfortable at the arse end of a restaurant as they are out the front or on the roof.

When an ibis lands on your table at a cafe it’s not like when a magpie joins you. You don’t say, “Oh what a cute bird.”

It’s more like having your plate goosed, grabbed and gobbled by a feathered epileptic… It creates a feeling of being invaded and abused… like being attacked by a smelly helicopter or a starving homeless person with shit stained pants and bleeding armpits.

The big white waterbirds with scrawny necks have bald heads like black ping pong balls giving them unfortunately a mean, bigoted expression and a bent black beak that makes them look miserly and bitter. A sad fact that they are judged by their appearance…

Their songs too aren’t very melodic as they sing “unk unk taw aw”.

Mozart and Coltrane are Gold Coast ibis, dirty ibis, ibis with soul, ibis with a voice.

Stay tuned on this site for Mozart and Coltrane radio skits, comics, memes and videos.

Follow their political party – The BIRD Party – by clicking on political satire – follow them as they campaign for an office (or a bin) in Canberra. Read the Mozart and Coltrane comics. If you have any comments or ideas for episodes contact Mark or Mic at the Mozart and Coltrane Facebook page.

Or email them at goldcoastibis@gmail.com with photos of ibis on the Gold Coast.


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