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Tribute to John Clarke… Drier than an ibis in a drought

10 Apr

John Clarke 2Sadly I admit my love of John Dawe’s comedy up until I heard about his death this morning has been random.

I couldn’t even say which channel I’ve seen him on. But the odd occasion that I chanced upon his brief appearances on TV I stopped there and laughed a lot.

I remember his dry wit and not-even-attempts at impersonations of drongos from today’s news, events and issues.

He was an inspiration to Mozart and Coltrane’s political satire, though I’m not sure that he would be proud to hear that.

He broke down the barrier between the arts and journalism, as he says John Lennon did in that song “I heard the news today oh boy…”

Here him talk about what made him creative and watch some Clarke and Dawe on TV РI mean Youtube.

Vale John Clarke – died of natural causes hiking in the Grampians too young.


Annual General Meeting of the Ibis Bird Council to discuss anti-ibis sentiment in the community

10 Feb




4zzz fm interview with Mozart and Coltrane

22 Dec

Ibis for PM campaign

13 Jun

The Good, the Bad and the ibis

29 Feb

In “The Good the bad and the ibis” two Mexican ibis gunslingers Coltrano and Mozarino go in search for missing treasure they were told about by their brother on his death bed. Deciding to kill anything in their path to eat and swim in the ample fat of the Lost Liposuction Pit of Labrador they head out on the first leg of their journey. Go to‚Ķmozarino/ for pics


The good the bad and the ibis, Coltrano and Mozarino

29 Feb

Coltrane’s doctor takes his bloodpressure

7 Feb

Ibis last meal on deathrow

3 Dec

Mozart is a worrier. He can’t sleep because he is wondering what he would eat for his last meal if he was on death row. So he wakes up Coltrane and they look at every possible option together.


Wasabi Ibis

9 Nov

Mozart ibis and Coltrane ibis share about how Sudden Sneezing Syndrome is impacting their lives.
Press play on the audio player to listen to this short radio comedy skit.


Manhattan Madness

20 Oct

In this episode our intrepid Ibis Mozart and Coltrane take cheap flights to New York in search of the holy grail of al La Bin-Carte trash cuisine. Follow their travels with this audio as they hunt through grimy subways and bars of New York for the elusive and mythical Big Apple (Caw)