Contribute an ibis photo

Have you seen any ibis scrounging around lately. Maybe they are Mozart and Coltrane. We are really interested in ibis behaviour even anti-social ibis behaviour. If you photograph the ibis you see and email them in to or send them to the facebook username @mozartandcoltranedirtyibis and we will post them on this audience contributors page.

Latest contribution comes from Anna and son who have photographed these outlaw ibis having a wild nesting party on the Gold Coast. Anna’s son calls the ibis “Beaky”. Big AAARRPP OUT to Anna and son. (And of course to Beaky).

24209862_1739580092783840_124963757_o (2)24281718_1739580339450482_1424673576_o (2)24322082_1739580612783788_1624775300_o (2)24323692_1739580446117138_2036975107_o (2)24463240_1739580506117132_2071218768_o (2)

This one is from Josie in Kings Cross. Kings Cross Ibis. A great piece of dirty realism about dirty ibis


These shots from Sydney are from a couple of boaties: big Mozart and Coltrane fans Jo and Dave.

“We went up to Pittwater for a week and upon our return I noticed a sudden drop in bird population at the fish markets…. some do gooders have put lids on the bins!!!”
2014-03-09 17.20.50

2014-03-09 17.22.34

2014-03-09 17.22.53

This isn’t a photo but its a pun by a keen Mozart and Coltrane fan up in Darwin
What are Mozart and Coltrane up to on Valentines Day ?

I’m thinking a bunch of Hibiscus
could be resourced form the back of the florist shop
to give to their girl friends !

This is the latest contribution by Guilherme Franklin de Oliveira who is visiting the Gold Coast from Brasil before an eight month surfing safari in Indo. He caught Coltrane checking out conditions (Scrounging not surfing) at Duranbah.

Great sage, Coltrane Ibis, contemplates Duranba.

Great sage, Coltrane Ibis, contemplates Duranba.

Here is the first ibis photo contribution taken by my neighbour, Gary Marshall. He caught Mozart hanging around in my front yard.
photo (9)


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