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No more room for jail tats on ibis inmates

9 Jun



Friendship is like a bin

15 Mar



Australian White Ibis using its beak on the oyster flats

2 Feb

‘AARRRPPP OUT’ to Honorary Ibis birthday girl Lizzy Muller

13 May


This “Aaarrpp Out” Happy birthday to you. Acting like a real ibis in this photo though not as deft as a real ibis at hoovering up icing from the bowl. On this day you join your brother Joe and I name you Lizzy Muller as a member of The Order of Australian Ibis. May your singing always be as beautiful as the Aaarrpps Taw Aws and Unks of the Ibis Choir at the dump.



AAARRP Out to new Honorary Ibis

26 Dec

After much deliberation the Order of Australian Ibis for 2015 was granted to Joe Muller for preferring the taste of female prawns to male prawns. He is seen in the company of strong women. And has been known to show women Dirty Ibis Youtubes on the first date. AArrp awesome effort Joe – Unk Taw Aw. You join the ranks of Mad Macca as a honorary ibis of the Order of Australian Ibis.


Ibis last meal on deathrow

3 Dec

Mozart is a worrier. He can’t sleep because he is wondering what he would eat for his last meal if he was on death row. So he wakes up Coltrane and they look at every possible option together.

Count Vampibis

5 May

Dirty Gold

Australian Ibis leader, Tony Ibbitt’s Christmas address to the nation

21 Dec

Incredible sequence of ibis feeding in wild

29 Apr





Photos special thanks to Dirty Ibis contributor, Kerry


Commonwealth Games ibis

1 Apr

Tired of being unemployed and wasting time at the dump, our intrepid dirty ibis duo, Mozart and Coltrane, find a job advertised on an iBis Pad that they found.They decide to apply for it to be the mascots for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.IMG_2115
If you listened to the audio and are interested in finding out about the Easter Bilby clik here.