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3 Apr



Friendship is like a bin

15 Mar



Annual General Meeting of the Ibis Bird Council to discuss anti-ibis sentiment in the community

10 Feb




Australian White Ibis using its beak on the oyster flats

2 Feb

Ibis Xmas Gastro

27 Dec



Ibis for PM campaign

13 Jun

‘AARRRPPP OUT’ to Honorary Ibis birthday girl Lizzy Muller

13 May


This “Aaarrpp Out” Happy birthday to you. Acting like a real ibis in this photo though not as deft as a real ibis at hoovering up icing from the bowl. On this day you join your brother Joe and I name you Lizzy Muller as a member of The Order of Australian Ibis. May your singing always be as beautiful as the Aaarrpps Taw Aws and Unks of the Ibis Choir at the dump.



The Good, the Bad and the ibis

29 Feb

In “The Good the bad and the ibis” two Mexican ibis gunslingers Coltrano and Mozarino go in search for missing treasure they were told about by their brother on his death bed. Deciding to kill anything in their path to eat and swim in the ample fat of the Lost Liposuction Pit of Labrador they head out on the first leg of their journey. Go to mozartandcoltrane.wordpress.com/2016/02/2‚Ķmozarino/ for pics


Mozart’s Grandma’s old sayings

27 Feb

An ibis in the lake is worth two in the bin…
You can take the ibis out of the lake, but you can’t take the lake out of an ibis…
Once an ibis always an ibis…
It takes an ibis to know one…
An ibis never falls far from the tree…


Dreamworld Ibis

26 Feb

Honk out to John for sending this one in of a very cheeky ibis at cafe at DreamworldDreamworld ibis