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Son of Ibis and the hipsters at the Burleigh Single Fin from Psalm 69 of the Ibis Bible of Waste Recycling

13 Jan

20170107_055621-2The hipsters of Burleigh sat on the hill

Imbibing the bread and wine of God

As Parko won the single fin contest.

The rabble of heathen hipsters cheered the locals.

The son of ibis walked onto the hill

Decrying (Aaaarping) the money lenders in the temple where the tinnies were sold

He overturned the tables searching for scraps in the temple of God

The son of ibis stood on an esky and shouted out that the hipsters were worshipping a false god,

Even if they had very appropriate beards

“You will spend eternity with everlasting sunburn and your waxed mustaches shall explode in flames and tickle your nostrils along with the bubbles of boutique beers.”

20170109_175151-2Then clouds parted and the sun shone on the Twin Towers of the Babel of Ibis

20170107_055514-2The Son of Ibis said “Behold”

And the hipsters on the hill and ibis stalking for scraps among the hipsters, eskies, blankets and buns beheld the vision of the bins.

The bounty of the blessed bins shone with the light of God.

The ibis repented and kneeled before the bins of the lord

And it was good.